Ciao, tutti!

I am currently visiting my youngest sister, Frannie, in Italia.
It is impossible to put into words why this country is so magical, but I think it’s because everything is slowed down enough that one can fully experience the depth and beauty of so many different things.  We can create this in America -this living fully in each moment and appreciating the wonder and beauty in every breath- but it’s easier when an entire culture is geared toward the same.

Some little joys thus far:

being greeted by Frannie at the train station in Milan
the little pouch with socks, a toothbrush, mini tube of toothpaste, ear plugs, and an eye cover they handed all passengers on the plane to Germany
tiny candies with cute wrappers on the flight to Milan
arriving at Sherman’s!  (family friends)
bright yellow tulips on the table
big glass windows
high ceilings
white walls
brown eggs in a bowl in the refrigerator
deep black coffee
lunch at Pasta Fresca – Giovanni, the chef, serves only pasta that he hand-makes every morning.  Amy (Sherman), Frannie, and I all ordered the same thing – whole wheat pasta with vegetable sauce; it was so fresh and simple and divine.  We shared acqua frizzante (bubbly water) and there were yellow paper place mats on simple white tables and the sun was pouring through the windows.  ‘Twas a perfect first meal in Italia.
fresh flower stands on the street
the natural grocery store
sweater blanket
white dishes
quinoa/berry museli
orange radio
french press coffee maker
journaling in bed with rain pouring down outside
wooden floors
shutters on windows
the sound of vespas and the city waking up below
my sister beside me
yoga in the living room
flower boxes
windows that open wide to the city outside
little kids on scooters
families on bikes
cobblestone streets
the green of the grass, the lights at the top of the castle, and the rain on the street last night
the view from the top of the Duomo
La Librero Ristorante – the yellow walls with mirrors and old beer bottles and little hooks for purses and the old man owner with the big mustache and tiny orange glasses with perfect circle lenses
a spoonful of pistachio Gelato from the nice man at the gelateria last night

Everything here is done with such care.  The way people dress and prepare meals and talk with one another and walk down the street at a pace that is not frantic and speeding onto the next thing – it is beautiful and an art.

We’re off to Prague today – will share details soon!

with love,

PS:  I don’t have my computer, so posting pics is a challenge.  I’ll make an album when I return!


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