My Thumb Is Still Attached!

I had quite the traumatic experience with a blender last night.
I’d just finished making my favorite green smoothie (I will write more about this soon!), and in reaching to wipe off the back of the blender, my thumb got stuck under the engine revolver.
This wouldn’t have been a problem if the the blender wasn’t plugged in, but it was.
I accidentally hit the ‘ice crush’ button while my thumb was near the engine revolver, and in an instant, my thumb was sucked under the piece, I felt my finger being gored into, and I literally thought my thumb had been cut off.
I grabbed my thumb in complete shock, too afraid to look down, but knowing that I had to hold it tight to keep the blood from going everywhere.
Oh, my, my, my.
My immediate thoughts went to my upcoming shows and school presentations and how would I play the piano/guitar without my thumb top!? and God, please don’t let my thumb be broken off!

Long story short,
I still have my thumb.

My thumb is still attached!

When I finally garnered the courage to look down and see what had happened, I literally started REJOICING when I saw my the top of my thumb not hanging by a flap of skin and about to fall off or something dramatic like that.
Biggest little white light I could have hoped for in that moment!
My nail is mostly gone (kinda freaky).  I’ve got a pulverized hole in the middle of my thumb (the blender drilled through my nail and into the skin; sorry for the queasy-tummied out there!).  It’s a bit scary to look at.
But I have my thumb!
I am so happy about this.

So for tonight, some LWLs regarding the thumb sitch:
I still got to drink my smoothie.
My sister, Erin, and my dear friend, Stephanie were there to assist.
I woke up without pain.
I can still practice yoga!
It could have been way worse.

love and light 🙂


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!
I hope you’ve had a glorious day.
If you read my first post, you know that I’m at the very beginning stages of this blog and still have much to clarify (I’m not sure on which days I’ll post, I haven’t settled on a layout/theme, I don’t even know exactly what site name or title I’ll use) – but all of that will fall into place soon, and I committed simply to STARTING this thing… so here is a continuation of the start.

What I do know is that part of my content will center around Little White Lights.  Little White Lights (LWLs) are those things in life we can celebrate and be grateful for; those moments, people, and/or things that bring us a bit of joy and lift our spirits.

So for today, some Easter LWLs:

Early mornin’ yoga.
-Mass with my sister and cousin and friends.
Brunch at a fun little place in East Nashville called Sky Blue Cafe.
Barnes and Noble browsing.
-Grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s.
-The sun coming out at the end of a rainy weekend.
-Wearing high heels AND going on 16-minute RUN tonight!  This was huge!  A little over 9 months ago, I shattered my ankle, needed surgery, and now have a plate and 8 screws in my skin.  Today was the first time since my injury that I was able to run for any considerable length of time and wear high heels (not at the same time).  Bright lights.

Cheers to an amazing week ahead.  Stay tuned for more unfolding here!
love and light 🙂

Banish perfectionism. Start where you are today.


Today’s the day.  I have been wanting to start (re-start, actually) a blog for ages now, and everyday, I keep getting hung up on details.  “I don’t know how to use WordPress.” (My old blog used to be a Blogger blog).  “I want my blog to look pretty before I make my first post.  I don’t have a perfect name picked out yet.”  These thoughts have been compounded by a host of similar others, and until today, they’ve ended with “I’m too busy to tackle all of this right now.  Nope, I’m not starting my blog.”

Can you relate?  How many times do we totally avoid things for fear that they won’t be as shiny or good as we want them to be?  Or how many days (or months, or even years?!) do we procrastinate on certain tasks because they seem so big and insurmountable and in order to accomplish them, we feel we need to be more ready, more qualified, more knowledgeable right NOW?

So much pressure we place on ourselves!
What if we could instead believe that whatever we created NOW was perfect?
There’s a quote that says, “If you wait for perfect conditions, you’ll never get anything done.”
I have to remind myself of this often.
Today, my stand is about action.  It’s about banishing perfectionism and being willing to start right where I am.
Join me?

And welcome!
Welcome to my blog that is still very much in the shaping process, very much going to change and look different and be different a few weeks and months and years from now,  and very much a place I hope you visit often and find a bit of inspiration and joy from for your own life.

love and light,
(and Happy almost Easter!) 🙂