Gratitude List Challenge!

Something I love doing is ending each day with a gratitude list.  By calling to mind our little white lights for the day, we can round out our day in a positive fashion and tune into all that we DO have, instead of that which we do not.  It is often easy to get bogged down with fears, worries, anxieties, and confusion, but if we can simply halt our mind from focusing on the negative and turn, instead, to that which brings us joy and lightness, positivity ensues.
The things we put on our gratitude list can range from general to very specific, simple to elaborate, seemingly insignificant to super huge – there are no rules!

Here is my gratitude list for today:
a) waking up before my alarm went off – I love when this happens.  Makes me feel powerful and ready to take on the day.
b) the weather today.  Spring has sprung!
c) walking to my car in the parking garage, feeling the Spring-y-ness in the air and breathing in a fresh new day.  I will forever be grateful for good weather days.
d) the fact that Shakti, my yoga studio, is literally a two minute drive away.  Ha.  This is a huge thing I’m grateful for.
e) my body being strong and healed from my ankle injury last summer and able to fully engage in and enjoy yoga and other physical activities
f) practicing yoga in community with wonderful, vibrant, loving people
g) enjoying green juice and fruit post yoga
h) taking a walk in the sunshine to meet a dear friend before lunch
i) snapping a few pics of the white blossoms on so many trees along the way
j) jade’s (my friend who I went on a walk with), company.  We were roommates in college and it was really nice to be able to catch up a bit today.
h) kale salad at Burger Up, one of my favorite Nashville restaurants, with a dear Greystone family visiting from Georgia (thank you, Burns Fam!)
Hanging with the lovely Olivia Burns :)
(hanging with the lovely Olivia Burns :))
i) finding a few birthday items on sale on a little solo shopping trip.  I went by myself just to browse a few things and found a pair of pants I have wanted forever marked to half price.  Win!
j) these hot rollers I have that curl my hair in an instant.  Makes getting ready super easy. 🙂
k) wearing a fun new dress I found on major sale.
l) not having to wear a jacket because the weather is finally warmer!
m) the look of a clean kitchen/counter/home – ah, so nice.
n) new perspectives and insights about a few work things
o) encouraging words
p) comfy pj pants and my hoodie
q) my breath (I just reread this and laughed, as it sounds like I’m grateful for good breath.  That is great, too.   I actually mean breath as in the very breath than runs through me.  Just to clarify. 🙂 )
r) my health
s) a good night’s rest ahead.

I encourage each of you to make a gratitude list at the end of every night this week and see how it makes you feel.  Whether it has three things on it or 30 things on it is not the point; the idea is simply to magnify and celebrate anything for which you are grateful.
Try it, enroll a friend or family member in committing to a gratitude list with you, share your joys on this blog – I’d love to hear about the little things that make your world bright!

love and light,
-and happy Spring, now that it feels like it’s really here- 🙂