Gaining Elevation

Today I had coffee with a friend and we got to talking about those times in life that feel like total overwhelm.  Have you been there?
Maybe it’s that you’re in the midst of a project and can’t seem to find your way out from an ever-increasing pile of tasks that all seem to be demanding your attention right NOW.
Perhaps your relationship with yourself or your significant other or someone else dear to you feels out of whack and is causing a myriad of other things in your life to feel out of harmony, too.
Perhaps you feel completely lost, like you have no idea what you’re doing with your life, and like you’re swimming in a in a big, vast sea of confusion, anxiety, frustration, regret, __________ (you name it), and you feel scared, alone, and totally freaked out.
How do you get out of this place?

As a coach, one thing I help my clients with is gaining elevation.  When we’re stuck in those periods of overwhelm, stuck looking up and down and all around and feeling like we trapped in a box of _________ (anxiety, confusion, sadness, etc.), it’s easy to start feeling like that box is all there is.
It’s scary to be in that place!
But if we can envision coming out of that box, rising higher and higher into the sky and watching that box, once so all-encompassing and terrifying and BIG, getting SMALL, we can then start to see things in a new light and begin to feel better.

I like to take my clients through a process in which we visualize moving from inside that box of overwhelm to way up in the sky, where we can look down and view that box as small, insignificant, even laughable – almost like a little soccer ball or bag of rocks or rubix cube that we can distinguish as real, yes, but not all there is.  We can look down at the box and say ‘Oh, heyyy, little box.  I see now – you’re just a box.  And from up here, there’s a whole wide world of possibility and hope.  I choose this space to live from.’

And then we chat about living from the place 🙂

I hope you’re all having a lovely day.

I spent mine in meetings with a few people at Star Bagel (do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the cinnamon hazelnut coffee here) and Edgehill Village Cafe (here, they have the most amazing blueberry roobios tea!), and putting things in place for my 2013-2014 Own Your Joy tour, and now I’m about to grab a yoga class!

love and light to you all 🙂

I’m a super huge fan of quotes and will be sharing many, many, many of them on this blog!  Here is one for tonight:
“The shell must break before the bird can fly.”  -Alfred Lord Tennyson